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The studio blog is a place to show our thinking in public, sharing the inspirations and processes that get us to the end of a project.

Superflux Spring Film Club

As the wintery gloom begins to melt into spring, we wanted to share a quick round-up of our favorite videos from the past couple of months. We start with 'Timeless'; a fascinating video essay from hypercubist director Gabriel Shalom, Patrizia Kommerell and the fine folks at KS12.

Funky Venus mission concept from NASA's Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts programme. It's all about the nuclear-powered rover and solar space planes. Well (hypothetically) played, America.

'What is Next Nature?', an exciting talk from Dutch Renaissance man Koert van Mensvoort, focusing on the increasingly unstable relationship between nature and artifice.

From friend-of-the-studio Liam Young's 2011 summer jaunt to Chernobyl, Baikonur, and the depths of Central Asia, Factory Fifteen's creepy nuclear design fiction, 'GAMMA'. Posthuman urban remediation a-go-go!

From corporate romcom Other Peple's Money (1991), 'Larry the Liquidator' (Danny DeVito) gives a ruthless barnstormer of a speech about the relationship between financial capital and technological change. Shareholder capitalism!

To finish, we give you Carl E. Rinsch's atmospheric short 'The Gift'. Sinister Russians, motorbikes, and a ceramic robot: what's not to like?


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