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The studio blog is a place to show our thinking in public, sharing the inspirations and processes that get us to the end of a project.

Superflux Summer Film Club

In the wake of amphibious royal jubilations in London, and with spring's drought-deluge-heatwave (hopefully) shifting into a more conventional kind of summer, it's time to fire up the Superflux Film Club.

In recent months, we've been thinking a lot about technology, futures, and the emerging economies of Asia, Latin America, and (Sub-Saharan) Africa. From this whirlpool of cognitive leaf mould, we stumbled across some clips from The Last Angel of History (1996), a short documentary about Afrofuturism.

Mythology! Cyberfunk! Spaceships! What's not to like?

Our second pick comes from Superflux's summer intern, Raphaël Pluvinage, and his collaborator Marianne Cauvard, who've been doing some far-out work with jelly-based audio interfaces. Noisy Jelly offers a real conceptual leap, here, and, with a strong emphasis on colour and tactility, is deeply satisfying to watch.

Another round of in-studio backslapping here, as we share Patrick Stevenson-Keating's Handcrafted Particle Accelerator, which is seven kinds of awesome, and – crucially actually worked!

Rounding out a trio of design projects is the user experience video for Memento Mori, an interaction design piece by Michael Yap, an MFA candidate at SVA. I had the great pleasure of speaking to Michael about this project earlier in the year, and really dug the 'gothic hi-tech' direction he took the project  highlighting some interesting issues around identity, designed objects, and the quantified self.

Finally, to finish, I was keen to flag Dark Matter & Trojan Horses, an important and insightful (if long) lecture by SITRA's Dan Hill, which unpacks some of the processes of studio work, and begins sidling in on a new creative design lexicon. Oh, and there's an ebook. Highly recommended.