The Alpine Review: Designing for Uncertainty
BBC Future: The Invisible World Viewed by Drones
Creative Applications: Drone Aviaries & Field Guides
Creator's Project: Man vs. Smart House: A Cuationary Tale
Design Curial: Beyond Phones and Drones: Critical Design and Critical Technology
Design Decode: Design Truth
Dezeen: Headset creates "3D soundscape" to help blind people navigate cities
Dezeen: Superflux research project imagines London patrolled by a fleet of drones
CSD: Imagining Our Drone-Filled Future Cities
Evening Standard: Superflux founder Anab Jain on using technology to turn the blind into super-seers
Leap Dialogues: Interview with Anab Jain
Method: Dynamic Genetics vs. Mann
Motherboard: The City That Has Its Own Operating System
Motherboard: Imagining When UAV's Will Be as Common as Birds
The Verge: Open Informant turns your private messages into public protest
Virgin: How will we live with drones?
Wired: Hug-a-drone project aims to demystify UAVs
Bruce Sterling: Fantasy Prototypes and Real Disruption
Co.Design: From Pixels to DNA: The Next Frontier in Interactive Design
Pool: The Business of Change
BBC: FutureScapes: The digital future in the year 2025
BBC: The Digital Future
Physics World: Other-worldy tales
TED: Fellows Friday with Anab Jain
WSJ: The Call of the Wired
Co.Design: What if a Virus Could Let Blind People See In Infrared?
CNN: Future tech to blow your mind
Popular Science: Designers Imagine a Future More Closely Melded with Science and Technology
MoMa: Design and the Elastic Mind
Wired Japan. The Drone Aviary


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